Brian David Stevens photographed the unfolding of a peculiarly British event
Partial disclosure Protesters gather outside New Scotland Yard, London's Metropolitan Police Headquarters, to demand the right to be naked in public Proud revelation The police are confused and bemused, surrounded by semi-naked people. When anyone removes all their clothing, they are arrested. The atmosphere is very "English" and civilised Transport of delight A further protest takes place in South Kensington, a smart area of London. Besieged by the media but with no sign of the police, the protesters embark upon a provocative walkabout Streetwalkers Tourists and residents gawp at the liberated protest swinging its way along the quiet Kensington neighbourhood. Dress rehearsal The protesters prepare to cover their options Media circus In a fit of mutual coyness, highly reminiscent of a Monty Python sketch, the campaigners hide their genitalia for the benefit of the gentlemen of the press Skin-flics Faced with the extremity of the situation, the police finally move in to make their arrests