reportage The Sadness of S-21
The Photo Archive Group and related links

The Photo Archive Group was founded in 1993 by two American photographers, Chris Riley and Doug Niven, as a project to clean, catalogue and print neglected and damaged negatives in the Tuol Sleng Museum archive in Kampuchea. After several years of energetic fund-raising and arduous restoration work, the Group succeeded in cleaning and cataloguing the entire collection. Occasionally, relatives or friends have recognized one of their own from the albums compiled by the Group. The museum supplies prints on request in such cases. (Currently The Photo Archive Group does not have a website.)

E-mail to The Photo Archive Group Click here if you like to comment on the photographs or to contact The Photo Archive Group.

Links related to the story

Facing Death: Portraits From Cambodia's Killing Fields is a touring exhibition organized by the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University in collaboration with the Photo Archive Group.

Twin Palms Publishers: The Killing Fields This book contains the images - and many more - featured in this article. Nine by twelve inches, casebound, 100 four-color plates, 124 pages, first edition, $100, ISBN 0-944092-39-X.

Cambodian Genocide Program This program of the Yale University (partly funded by the US Government in the framework of the 'Cambodian Genocide Justice Act') in collaboration with the University of New South Wales documents source material pertaining to the years of Khmer Rouge rule in Cambodia, trains Cambodian legal officers, and researches the national and regional policies implemented by the Khmer Rouge regime and the policies and practices of genocidal regimes more generally.

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