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Manuel Bauer and related links

Manuel Bauer was born in Switzerland in 1966. After studying photography in Zurich, he began working as a freelance photographer in 1988. In 1990, he became a founding member of the agency ‘Lookat Photos’, and has subsequently worked widely in India and Tibet. His photographs have been published in many leading European magazines

Lookat Photos the website of Manuel Bauers Swiss agency Lookat Photos.

E-mail to Manuel Bauer/Lookat Photos Click here if you like to comment on the photographs of Manuel Bauer or to contact his agency Lookat Photos.

Links related to the story

Tibet: Change and Unchanged A website hosted by the New York Times on the Web featuring the photographs, videography and writing of the photojournalist Steve Lehman (author of the book The Tibetans: Struggle to Survive), who has chronicled change and resistance in Tibet since he first covered the Lhasa riots in 1987. (The New York Times on the Web is free but asks its visitors to register.)

Tibet Timeline (1911-1998) A special page on the website Tibet: Change and Unchanged with links to articles on Tibet which have appeared in the New York Times.

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